Monday, February 4, 2013

Cool Off

Monday, February 4, 2013
There's a lot of things that is going on in my head right now. It's about my life but specifically, it's more about my lovelife.

So yeah, haven't been on a while since then and I really can't tell all about it 'coz I think it's too personal. Let's just say that everything seems to fall apart and slowly fading between 'us', and that's the sad part of it, when you gave all your effort and love to someone but it doesn't seem to work at all and you have no choice but to think that maybe, just maybe it's about time to drift apart 'coz everything sucks.

It doesn't mean I don't love him anymore, it's just that I don't see my worth to him anymore. I was always holding on what he'd said before that he don't want to see me cry so he'll not hurt me anymore, but he did, again.

I don't know why and how can he do those things to me when he knows that it's wrong and he'll hurt me that way. I can't think of anything that I had done wrong for him to do such hurtful things to me. Or maybe I'm just not enough.

Everything sucks but still life must go on with me. Anyway, we talked the last time and both decided to just cool if off for now, not to talk to each other for a while. How far can we go even if we don't talk? I don't know if we'll be okay again but we just have to take a risk into it. If ever I give a chance, will it ever be the same again? Another and last chance, maybe? Or maybe not? 


  1. i don't know how to react since di ko pa nararanasan yan :((. pero siguro... kung may maisasave pa, isave pa... pero di ko kasi alam what's that hurtful thing he did. sana magbago na rin siya if ever may next chance pa.

  2. I think you should give a last chance, but if you feel it's not 'really' gonna work anymore then don't push it, just let it be, don't waste too much effort if things aren't really working out.

    I sometimes feel that way, that 'I'm not enough' and I want to isolate myself and stay away from my bf. But in the end, we manage to talk about it and feel better.

    I know you can do it dear ^_^ Try your best! :)

  3. i can feel u. this is what happen to me. and we both give up. at first decided to stay as friend. but in the end i don't think i can be friend with him. so i decided to cut off our connection. even through facebook and phone. what makes me even more sad is that, my parents know about him, i even met his mom. TT huhu. all d best for ur relationship. i actually really bad in advice.

  4. This is very tough situation in a relationship,
    I think every relationship experience that? yung paang may nkaka hurt talaga, peo dahil lalaki sya, dapat ma realize nya un and baguhin, hindi yung magagalit sya, kung mahal ka talaga nya he need to do something to keep you pa, sayang naman years nyong dalawa, kung ganun ganun lang.. Kami dumadaan din sa ganyan, we always lowered our pride, kaya naayos..

    I hope magising sya, sya ata naka hurt.. Hope soon you'll two will be okay again. :)

  5. Give a last chance to your relationship.who knows,it might change everything.If its not,then you two may unanimously put the relationship to the end.

  6. Hello! I may not have the right to say this but here's a little advice, since I'm in a relationship too :)

    Live your life! You may feel down or sad for what happened but don't revolve around him, I see it may now seem hard but as you enjoy it (how? just try, have more outing with girlfriends, spend more fun day), slowly you will overcome it, or better, you may find a way to both of you! I tried to struggle hard for what was happening between me, but it was useless, so I left it a while and pleased myself, it worked! And everyone is attracted with a happy person, so maybe he won't 'hurt' you anymore and see your worth! Or even more, feel happy by being together with the happy you! Happiness is contagious.

    So cheer up and lift the chin up!

    Thanks for following me! I don't know which link to follow you back though I can't find it >_> if you tell me, I'll give it a hit! xoxo

  7. awww cheer up honey!
    i was gonna greet u a happy vday but i'm not so sure anymore.

    i hope ur holding up well.

    lots of lovin'


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