Monday, March 24, 2014


Monday, March 24, 2014
After all those series of unfortunate events in terms of my relationship with Nath, finally, everything is setting up to it's pieces. March 22, 2014, our first anniversary, is quickly added to my 'one of the most happiest and unforgettable days of my life so far' list. It is something I can't barely believe because it's just soo good to be true. To think that the past few days before that date, we nearly broke up and then there's this tampo blues and extreme bangayan just because.. I never thought that we'll gon be okay again, I thought we're falling apart but yeah, things happen. I know those are all just obstacles that we have to overcome in this relationship in able for us to grow and be stronger. And I'm so thankful that somehow, we were getting stronger and stronger than before..
We decided to celebrate our day in Star City. That was hella fun and something unforgettable. Thinking that I'm in this amusement park with my one and only that traveled for four hours just to see me, I'm so lucky! ♥

We bought a ride-all-you-can ticket + a ticket to Snow World which costs him PHP 1,020.00. We only ride Surf Dance, Star Frisbee and The Giant Star Wheel. We should've ride the Star Flyer after but he resist because he felt dizzy and feeling like vomiting right after we ride the Star Frisbee. hahahaha. 

Star City's extreme ride, Star Frisbee. 

Selfie @ the Giant Star Wheel (If you notice, he looked like he just forced a smile in this photo, nalululula lang po hahahahaahaha!)
@ Snow World 

 He stayed here in Manila for only 2 days and 1 night. Up until now, I still can't get over, I'm too overwhelmed with the happiness I felt being with him. The day when he's leaving Manila to go back to Olongapo, I felt really sad and there's this feeling I can't describe, I want to be with him pa. Super bitin! Looking forward to our next anniv. and the next and the next...

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