Monday, September 17, 2012

Sleep Paralysis

Monday, September 17, 2012
A few months ago, I have experienced the worse nightmare I've ever had as of now and it's so horrible and scary that I thought I might be going crazy. So, I finally found out that it is called Sleep Paralysis. I just want to share this for those who experienced this so that they would have the knowledge and educate themselves about sleep paralysis that it is just a horrible state of dream and nothing's harmful about it.

What is Sleep Paralysis?
Sleep Paralysis is a horrible feeling where you awake but still stuck in a state where you cant even move a muscle or talk. You almost feel frozen and the only think you do is just think.   Having to be or experience this state is extremely frightening on the dreamer, and some people report hearing and seeing things that are not actually there.  Some lucky people would experience this terrible feeling once or twice in there lives, but some don’t get off the hook that easy. A small percentage of people get stuck in this state several times a week. Sleep Paralysis can really spook you out and make you feel like you just hallucinated. Studies have found out that it is normal and causes no damage on the human body. Sleep paralysis can happen before you go to sleep or awakening up from REM sleep. The team to describe Sleep Paralysis before going to sleep is called “Hypnagogic”, and as your awaken up from REM its called “Hynopompic”. Sleep paralysis has other names that it can be referred to such as predormital, hypnologic, familial, and hypnopompic but all relate to the same issue.

Is Sleep Paralysis Dangerous?
Anybody who experiences “Sleep Paralysis” for the first time usually wants answers right away. They feel like they actually experience a nightmare awake. You wake up feeling like you were actually living in a bad dream for a couple of seconds or even up to a couple of minutes. As scary as it seems the good news is that nobody has even died from sleep paralysis or had any psychological issues. This is just a very scary and uncomfortable feeling that we never want to experience again. The worst part about sleep paralysis is that you feel stuck and have no idea why your frozen in this state. Some issues people who suffer from sleep paralysis have trouble getting a good night sleep in fear that it would happen again.  The more you learn and become aware of sleep paralysis the easier it gets when your trapped in that moment of hell. When you are stuck in sleep paralysis and know that you are and it would be over in a matter of seconds it helps calm the mind.  Most of the time the sleeper is awakened by a sound, a touch or snapping right out of the state.
Symptoms of Sleep Paralysis:

- Vivid images – feels like the dream of all dreams
- Hallucinations – people experience a large bug or insect trying to eat them
- A devil, demon or scary ghost is in your room
- Unable to breath – Somebody sitting on your chest or being suffocated by the covers
- Falling to the ground
- Life like sensations – Impending doom
- Smells
- Intruder in the room

Causes of Sleep Paralysis:
There is no exact cause on why some people get this horrible sensation called sleep paralysis. Its doesn’t matter if your male or female it all depends on the factors below that we listed. Sleep paralysis is very common and happens to 40% of the general population. You will find younger children experiencing this feeling then most adults.
Common Causes Include:

- Not getting enough sleep
- Drinking access alcohol
- Medical conditions ex narcolepsy
- Leg cramps
- Change in your sleep pattern
- Passed down from family
- Low levels of melatonin
- Change in your lifestyle ex eating habits etc….
- If you sleep on your back

How Can I Stop Sleep Paralysis?
Sleep Paralysis doesn’t harm or effect your body in anyway, but getting this can be quite traumatizing and wish you never got it again. Stress plays a big role when your dealing with sleep paralysis so make sure you take time to reflect things you need to change in your life. Have a look below for ways you can stop sleep paralysis from happening again:

- Change your sleep patterns. Get your 7 to 8 hours a night sleeps
- Your anxiety levels might be very high. Find out ways you can stop anxiety from taking over
- Change your environment around you. Did you make a sudden change in your life that’s not working out
- More likely to experience when you sleep on your back
- You might be depressed? Find ways to snap out of your depression
- People who suffer from Narcolepsy are more prone to sleep paralysis
- Check your family history. Most of the time your parents might have the same issue
- Work out at the gym or meditate

Source: Dreamdictionary

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