Monday, October 8, 2012

Bigbang Concert Frustration.

Monday, October 8, 2012
Bigbang's Alive Tour concert in Manila is coming, it's on October 24! Whaaa! That, I could say, is one of my frustrations in my life. It's just that they are my idols and when I heard that they're going to have a concert here in the Philippines, I get so excited and decided to save up a lot of money for that but... but.. but.. I wasn't able to do that and no one can give me the amount of money to buy a ticket. I feel so down, I will not get to see Bigbang especially TOP Oppa!
I will never be able to see this handsome/hot/adorable TOP in person. Whaaaa! Sorry Oppa. :'(
I will never be able to see them perform on stage. I will never be able to see them! 
So now, I'm actually imagining my VIP friends in Bigbang's concert and here I am...


  1. omg.. hann. thanks for the comment, but dear, we both broke up already. and... omg, big bang will be in manila. i'm a big fan of their music!

  2. it's ok. i actually posted it on my blog. the link directing u to the post. :D

  3. awww<3 i've felt this way so many times it doesnt even hurt anymore..TT does OTL


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