Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Me calling boyfie...@3:00pm

Me: Hey! Let's see each other at 7:30. Text me. Bye bye.
Boyfie: Okay. 7:30 and I'll text you. 

..after a minute or two..

Me fixing something at my room in our house (it's in the 2nd floor)..suddenly heard an unusual noise outside, the dogs are barking and the feeling that someone opened the front door... (heartbeat got so fast..I thought it was a burglar!) .. so I hurried and see who's in there.. found out that it's my boyfriend! lol. okay. I just screamed so so so as in LOUD to my surprise.. I really thought it was a burglar. lol ! Anyway, I got so surprise and happy because I miss him, we didn't see each other for the past few days. Oh I love surprises!  

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