Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Tuesday, November 6, 2012
That feeling when you don't really want to cry but then when you try to speak a word, your tears just flow down your cheeks and it won't stop. Worst is, I cried in front of him. That was the first time that I cried really hard in front of someone, I'm shaking and trembling.

They said that PAIN changes the feelings of people, but why do my feelings do not even change a bit even if he hurt me several times, I still love him with all my heart, why? I always tell to myself that I should've let him go from the start, I should've leave him when I have a chance but why can't I do that? I know, I'm an idiot. 

Why do you always hurt the one who cares about you more than others, the one who won't leave you, the one who truly loves you? Why? Am I not good enough? Well, I know I not. 


  1. Aww. dear :( Cheer up. It's always been like this. You get hurt when you love. It's like it love comes with pain hand in hand. Idk what to say, really. I've been into some relationships before but not as serious and as fragile as this. But you'll do well. I know you're giving your best shot and it will be rewarded. Maybe in a way you want it to be, maybe in a way that you don't.

    Same here! Napaparanoid ako kapag may nakatitig sakin. T^T

  2. aw. sweetie... sometimes you need to cry for him to realize how much yoou love him. But considering that he hurt you several times, you need to think, maybe it's time to let go.


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