Saturday, November 3, 2012

Start of November.

Saturday, November 3, 2012
Today is my 5th month together with Kiko (my boyfriend), supposedly, we should see each other today but because I'm really not feeling well (since this past few days), we decided to hang-out together tomorrow after we attend the mass. I hope things will get better.
Btw, how's the start of your November? Mine was not that good 'coz I've been sick and even if I get to see our other relatives in Cavite, took a stroll around MOA, I don't think I really enjoyed it. Even in the pictures, you'll see that I look haggard but still manage to smile.. hehe! and that's my brother beside me.

After taking a stroll around the city, we decided to go back home to Olongapo. While on our trip, we got in an accident, our car crush beside that truck! Another bad luck! Though I don't really know what happened because I was sleeping when that happened, I just got awake when I heard my mom shouting and felt the impact of crushing. 

Thank God we're all safe.


  1. Oh my goodness >< I'm glad no one got hurt in the accident! Stay safe!


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