Thursday, November 15, 2012

Movie Review: Love Comes Softly (2003)

Thursday, November 15, 2012
Watched yesterday, November 14


Marty Claridge has just moved out to the West with her husband Aaron Claridge (Oliver Macready), who dies in a riding accident shortly after. Marty, expecting her late husband's baby and left with nowhere to go, is in need of a place to stay through the winter. With no other options, she accepts the arrangement offered by widower Clark Davis, who offers to give her a place to stay for the winter and provide her with the fare for the wagon train heading back East in the spring. In exchange, they agree to get married, as he wants her to provide a maternal influence for his young daughter Missie. The two do not live together as husband and wife but keep separate quarters. Initially, it is not an ideal arrangement for any of them, and at first Marty and Missie do not get along. Marty learns more about "Clark's God" than she ever dreamed, and as the winter season passes, they all start to feel more like a family, and finally Marty and Clark come to realize they're in love.

I'm just randomly searching for a movie to watch 'coz I'm kinda bored so I ended up watching this without expecting too much. At the beginning scenes, I kinda thought that it's lame and boring but as the story goes by, you'll eventually feel the flow of the story, the love. The story only gives the lesson that love do not always come like a firework that you'll feel immediately but love comes softly without even noticing it, it says that love has it's stages and you don't need to rush things up because everything will fall into their right place in the right time.
And another thing that I love about this movie is that it somehow tells about the message that trusting and believing God always is one key to feel peace and comfort. Just pray and trust Him and he will grant all of it, if not, then he has another better plan for you. And even if we fall and something bad happens, it does not necessarily mean that He wants that to happen to you but He's always there to pick you up and comfort you. 

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