Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Escape 2017: Ten Cents to Heaven Leisure Camp in Tanay, Rizal (Day Tour)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Definitely, one of the good ways to start the year is to spend your weekend out of town with family/friends/love ones. You can't absolutely go wrong! A little nature weekend getaway won't hurt, so me and my roomies pushed through our plan to travel just near the Metro last Sunday (January 8, 2017). We decided to go to Ten Cents to Heaven in Tanay, Rizal. I'd say it is much better to go there using a private vehicle because there might have some hassles when commuting like what we experienced. Anyways, the commuting experience just add up to the fun so no worries. 

This is the signage you'll see across the highway. Look on the left side if you took the Sampaloc, Tanay route and on the right side if you passed through Cogeo route.

Entrance fee is Php 300.00 for adults and Php 200.00 for kids inclusive of swimming pool, obstacle course and hanging bridge. You'll have to pay differently if you want to try the zipline, rappelling, wall climbing, free fall, firing range, and other activities. Here are the complete list of their services and fees:

We didn't know that the entrance fee already includes the use of swimming pool, we didn't bring extra clothes to use so we asked if we can replace the use of pool to other activity. The staff agreed and we decided to try the air-gun firing range instead.

They claim to have the longest zipline in Luzon which is of 1.1 km in length. It was indeed amazing, fun and scary because it was our first real zipline experience. I'm so proud that we conquered it especially to my friend who was already crying and feeling numb before the technical staff pushed her off the cable. We originally planned to just try it one way but as we all reached the end, we decided to have it two way because it was just super fun I wanna try it more than ten times and I'm not kidding! You gotta love the cool breeze of wind up there. 

The place is very well preserved and secluded. There was this very provincial, homely, relaxing, romantic and overwhelming vibe out there. I love that it is not yet crowded and overrated and I hope it'll stay just like that. The place is perfect for groups (friends taking a day off & team buildings), family vacation, couples (there are certain areas that's perfect for pre-nuptial shoot), retreats/recollections (there is a chapel in it), etc. 

Other adventure/camp facilities:

Obstable course area

Hanging bridge (no harness needed for adults), slighty scary if the wind is strong. 

Free fall, rappelling and wall climbing station

I honestly can't say anything negative about the place but the low cellular and WiFi signal (which can also be a good thing). The food served at their Camp Cafe was pretty decent and affordable to me. They have very accommodating and friendly staff so that's a plus. The place was clean and well maintained. And if I may suggest a tip for commuters, you should ride jeepneys going there instead of tricycles because it will cost you less. 

 Truly experienced exceptional happiness so much for our first weekend getaway of 2017! I would definitely come back for more. Keep 'em coming! :) 

**For Ten Cents to Heaven room rates, packages, facilities, contact numbers, etc., please refer to the brochure above. 


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